If you are afraid, change your way – Inuit Proverb


The Transition From “Traditional” to “Modern” Inuit Society

Over the course of the past fifty years, the role of the Inuit man has changed dramatically.

Traditionally, Inuit men spend much time outdoors, preparing for and embarking on the hunt. Modern Inuit lifestyle however, demands that men pursue a formal education, acquire salaried jobs (often working indoors), and take an active part in both family and community life.

Gender Roles in Modern Inuit Society

In an effort to hold onto traditional Inuit culture and history, some Inuit men are reluctant to adapt to the new reality that necessitates the paying of bills and the purchasing of expensive goods from local grocers. Many men continue to hunt, and refuse to accept full-time paid jobs, leaving women struggling to pay the bills.

According to an article in the National Post, women now outnumber men three to one when it comes to working in the formal economy. This means that women now shoulder the double-burden of providing for the family while, at the same time, taking responsibility for family life inside the home.

You’re Not Alone

Many Inuit men struggle to identify with their role in modern Inuit society, and are unable to secure and keep a job, or maintain healthy relationships with their partner, their children and the community.

According to Nunatsiaq Online, this lack of identity has led many Inuit men to experience feelings of low self-esteem, which in turn has led to numerous incidents between members of the same community. Lost and in need of help, many men experience develop feelings of resentment, anger, and frustration.

You are not alone.

What Does It Mean To Be A Real Inuit Man?

The struggle to find their place within modern society is an issue shared between male members of the Inuit community.

Now more than ever, it is important that men help other men by sharing and discussing the challenges they face. This does not make a man weak, or helpless. It makes him strong. It makes him a real Inuit man.

What is a real Inuit man?

Today, a real Inuit man is one who contributes to the home, and makes an effort to be an active part of family and community life.

A real Inuit man is one who does not take out his anger on his loved ones, but discusses his feelings and concerns with his family so that they may support him when he feels sad, angry or lost.

A real Inuit man supports other men alongside their healing journey as they struggle to reclaim their sense of identity, and hold onto tradition within modern Inuit life.

Most importantly, a real Inuit man is one that is able to ask for help.

If you’re feeling lost, angry or if you need someone to talk with, please call us.

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