Atii Angutiit Recognition from MLA David Akeeagok

March 20, 2024

We appreciate the recognition from MLA David Akeeagok about the Atii Angutiit program in Arctic Bay, see a copy of his statement:

“Atii Angutiit in Arctic Bay (Akeeagok, D) Hon. David Akeeagok (interpretation): Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I say hello to the people of the High Arctic. The Atii Angutiit Program started in Arctic Bay last year and it ran very well. Yesterday they had a qamutik building program where they were building four sleds. For men, it’s part of their healing process and to develop pride in themselves. I completely encourage the people and the men who go there. The two constituents that I represent still don’t have that program. The program manager Richard Bohlender is doing great work up there. He is the coordinator of the program. He is a good person to talk to if you want to start something like that. They have coffee and get together during the program. Bobby Kilabuk and Andrew Taqtu are the great instructors at the program. I encourage them to continue that. I would like them to spread it to all the communities, because men need healing too, and develop more pride in themselves and help each other. This program does that. I thank the Nunavut government for financing this, and providing space for the program. It’s a very attractive program. I would like this to continue and express my pride in them. I would like them to spread it around. That’s why I brought it up here in the House. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”

Qujannamiik to David for your words, to the Atii Angutiit Manager in Arctic Bay for all your hard work, as well as all Atii Angutiit Program Coordinators to make all this happen.

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