Inspiring Nunavummiuq – Meet Akutaq Williamson Bathory

Inspiring Nunavummiuq
May 29, 2023

Every month IIKELC is highlighting inspiring and uplifting stories from Nunavummiut across the territory. This month we are proud to celebrate Akutaq Williamson Bathory! Please enjoy her story below…

“Through difficult moments in life it is important to me to recognize where I am in life and who I am supported by. This support comes from my dear friends, loving family and uplifting community. They are the people I gather my strength and wisdom from to continue to be motivated day-by-day. Seeing the strength and support of others guides and inspires me to push through difficult times in life and make the best out of the one life I have to live for in this body. Through this one life, people have the ability to change other’s lives, take advantage of opportunities, and strive to succeed. What motivates me is the positive change that is possible in our own lives as well as others, to have opportunities available for community members to have access to as well as having a passion in one’s life. Whether it be hunting, math class, sports, baking or parka making, these are all aspects of motivation. To have an aspect in your life that fulfills you and makes your heart smile is a motivation. Within my own life Speed Skating has been a huge aspect and has kept me motivated to push through difficult times mentally, emotionally and physically within and out of the sport. 

I am so very grateful to all my mentors, coaches, teachers, teammates, neighbours, bus drivers, friends, family members and all the people I get to interact with day-to-day. This list can go on and on. I truly would not be the individual I am today if it weren’t for all these individuals.”

– Akutaq Williamson Bathory, Iqaluit

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Inspiring Nunavummiuq

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