Inspiring Nunavummiuq of the Month – Meet Brianna Taparti

February 15, 2023

Every month IIKELC is highlighting inspiring and uplifting stories from Nunavummiut across the territory. This month we are proud to celebrate Brianna Duffy’s leadership! Please enjoy her story below…

“One of the things I am most passionate about these days is opening up communication surrounding mental health. For many people it’s difficult to open up about their struggles; so I try to create a safe space with everyone I meet so that they know somebody cares, wants to listen and wants to help. We all face difficulties in our day-to-day lives and have seen a lot of pain within our communities so I think it is very important to stay connected with everyone around us, and find our support systems. You are never alone. “

– Brianna Taparti, Chesterfield Inlet 

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