Inspiring Nunavummiuq – Meet Jordan Konek

Inspiring Nunavummiuq
March 7, 2024

Every month IIKELC is highlighting inspiring and uplifting stories from Nunavummiut across the territory. This month we are proud to celebrate Jordan Konek. Please enjoy his encouraging words below!

What has helped you move through difficult times? What motivates you to continue moving forward each day?

“With access to all kinds of opinions we see on social media, it’s easy to forget what we see online influences our minds, body and soul. I have worked on myself continuously and practiced expressing my feelings to someone that is close to me. 

We often hear “talk to someone,” but we don’t try it all the time thinking, it doesn’t help anyone. I have learned that when we talk about our problems, our mind and body exhales the problems we face. It doesn’t go away as fast as we would like it to after talking about it. Instead, it starts to fade from our minds slowly because it has nowhere else to go but out of our minds. When we know someone else knows about the problem and the problem comes back, it doesn’t affect our minds as bad as it would if we didn’t talk about it. Talk to someone or express your feelings using art, media or your voice.”

– Jordan Konek, Arviat

Check out Jordan’s company, Konek Productions!

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Inspiring Nunavummiuq

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