Inspiring Nunavummiuq of the Month – Meet Brittany Holm

Mental Health & Wellness

My name is Brittany Holm, I am the Mental Health Outreach and Addictions worker here in Naujaat. I have been working in this position for five years now. I have a 15-month-old daughter Aurora-Wynter with my Fiancé Aaron who I met in Naujaat.  The best part about working in the community is getting to see the smiles on people’s faces during community visits & events. During the stressful and difficult moments of life, I like to tell myself that “This too shall pass”. The hard moments don’t last forever even though at times it may feel that way. I believe it’s important to take a few minutes every day to do something for yourself such as going for a short walk to decompress, a hot shower, or reading a chapter of a good book. Time for yourself is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

– Brittany Holm, Naujaat

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