Youth Self Care Box Project 2021


The Project had youth creating their own self-care box. There were art supplies and decorations provided to create a box to use when they are feeling down or hurt. This box could contain things that mean a lot to them, pictures, rocks, sayings…etc. anything to uplift them at times of need.

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The Internet and social media have become a much bigger part of our lives in recent years. It’s important that we know how to stay safe online, recognize possible dangers, and know what to do if something does go wrong.


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Going through hard times is normal. We can get through hard times with the love and support of family, friends, Elders, and counsellors.


Nuglugasuaq Contest 2021-2022

The Nuglugasuaq Contest is a territory-wide virtual contest for everyone to have a chance to win a prize.

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