The Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC)

Firearms Safety

The Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC) is a one-day course for individuals ages 12 and up. It focuses on the importance of safe storage, display, transportation, handling, and safe use of non-restricted firearms. The one-day course consists of the Vital Four Acts of Firearms Safety and Prove Pointers. During the course, you are educated on different types of hunting firearms, their proper ammunition, and other legal responsibilities as a firearm user and owner. At the end of the course, participants must complete and pass a written and practical test to obtain their safety course certificate. 

Why is the CFSC important?

Firearm Safety Practice is important to have because it promotes safety and the well-being of an individual and their community. The course teaches you to follow safety procedures and cautions that will ensure the safety of yourself and others. Taking the CFSC can prevent accidents that may occur when a firearm is not safely being handled or safely stored.

After you have completed the  CFSC  you can apply for a  Possession and  Acquisition License (PAL) or a Minors License if you are under the age of 18. A PAL will allow you to purchase your own firearm and ammunition. A Minors License allows you to borrow a  firearm. Once a minor turns 18, they can apply for PAL. 




English (interpretation is available)


Minimum of 8 participants needed (anyone over 12 years old)



If you are a certified CFSC instructor, please contact us in order to access funding to support the delivery of this program in your community

Training is provided by Isaksimagit Inuusirmi Katujjiqatigiit
Embrace Life Council certified trainers

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