Family Violence

The RespectEd program is a violence prevention program that focuses on preventing bullying and harassment, youth relationship violence, and child abuse. There are modules on bullying, healthy youth relationships, preventing violence and sexual abuse.

Examples of the course content and objectives covered in the Healthy Youth Relationships workshop are:

For more information on the RespectEd program, visit the Red Cross website.

More Training Opportunities


Inuusiq Pimmariujuq (Life Matters)

Inuusiq Pimmariujuq is a comprehensive community strategic planning tool, combining post-contact Inuit history with a workshop aimed at developing a community action plan for suicide prevention and life affirmation.

2-Day Workshop
Mental Health & Wellness


Mindfulness is a half-day workshop designed to meet the needs of mental health practitioners, educators, and other helping professionals who want to incorporate mindfulness skills into their work.

Half-Day Workshop

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