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Youth Programs

Youth Peer Leadership Program 2023

This year the youth focused on learning suicide intervention skills, healthy relationships and boundaries for oneself, and the importance of youth mental health in Nunavut.

Youth Programs

Youth Peer Leadership Program Recap 2022

Youth spent time with special guest speaker Don Burnstick, who facilitated talking circles on a range of topics including Indigenous community healing, sober living and healthy lifestyles, and cyberbullying.

Youth Programs

Introduction to Sewing with Sewing Machines

IIKELC was proud to run an Introduction to Sewing with Sewing Machines program for youth ages 13-18 and 19-25! Participants made their own throw pillows to take home as well as wind pants! This program took place during the winter of 2022 at the office in Iqaluit.

Adult Programs

Cambridge Bay Sewing Program 2021

This program had Cambridge Bay women work on various sewing projects like mitts, kamiik, and creating designs with beading and accessories. Materials and Supplies were provided.

Adult Programs

Kids Parka Drive 2021

In 2021, IIKELC ran a program for women in Rankin Inlet to learn how to sew a kid’s parka for our Kids Parka Drive.

Adult Programs

Seal Skin Mitt Making 2021

This program was open to community members of Rankin Inlet in May 2021. Materials and supplies were provided.

Adult Programs

Wall Hanging Décor Making 2021

Rankin Inlet ladies participated in a Wall Hanging Décor Making and created some of their own Inuit art with using fleece material and embroidery thread.

Adult Programs

Puhitaq Making 2021

Elders in Rankin Inlet taught community members how to create sunburst fur trims.

Youth Programs

Youth Mitt Making 2021

Iqaluit youth participated in a free program where they learn to make mitt making and expand on sewing skills.

Adult Programs

Mitt Making 2020-2021

The Mitt Making Program had Iqaluit women create their own mitts over 6-8 sessions and met weekly. Materials and Supplies were provided.

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