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Talking to Children About Suicide

The Talking to Children about Suicide workshop was developed in response to a number of requests from community members who wanted to know how best to support children who have experienced a death by suicide in their family, friend group, or wider social circle. This workshop aims to provide community members with information about: It.

Half-Day Workshop

Inuusiq Pimmariujuq (Life Matters)

Inuusiq Pimmariujuq is a comprehensive community strategic planning tool, combining post-contact Inuit history with a workshop aimed at developing a community action plan for suicide prevention and life affirmation.

2-Day Workshop


Mindfulness is a half-day workshop designed to meet the needs of mental health practitioners, educators, and other helping professionals who want to incorporate mindfulness skills into their work.

Half-Day Workshop

Reach Out

Reach Out is a workshop that aims to help community members learn skills that will enable them to assist individuals at risk of suicide.

Half-Day Workshop

Youth Self-Injury Prevention

This training, designed by Nunavummiut for Nunavummiut, provides an overview in understanding the reasons why youth may self-injure, as well as practical strategies for working with youth who self-injure.

Half-Day Workshop

Our Children, Our Responsibility

OCOR is a workshop designed by and for Nunavummiut, with the aim of opening a dialogue around child sexual abuse awareness and prevention.

1-Day Workshop

Trauma Informed Practice

This training, designed by Nunavummiut for Nunavummiut, is aimed at imparting knowledge to service providers working with youth and/or adults who have experienced or been affected by trauma.

1-Day Workshop

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