Embrace Life Day 2016

On September 10th, Nunavummiut will gather in communities all across Nunavut to show their support for suicide prevention, to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have died, comfort those who grieve, and strengthen our connection with each other.

During Embrace Life Day, we remember that we are all united with each other, through shared experiences, sorrow, hope, determination, commitment, and compassion. This year, in keeping with the theme, United for Life, we are inviting all communities to engage in a community-wide handholding circle.

Please take photos or videos of your circle and share them with ELC. We will broadcast them on our website and on our Facebook and twitter accounts to continue to celebrate how much we value life all year long.

In Iqaluit our celebration will take place the afternoon and evening of Saturday, September 10. Events will include information sessions, family oriented outdoor activities, a barbeque, games, our huge community embrace life circle, and a concert in partnership with Alianait. As always, we will host our Embrace Life Day walk, concluding with a healing event at the Elders’ Qammaq. Everyone is invited to attend.

Embrace Life Council has produced a number of resources and information that are available at no cost on our website. You are welcome to use these resources as part of your Embrace Life Day activities or at any other time. We also have hard copies of a variety of resources available from the office. ELC’s resources include:

Embrace Life Council Flag

Many communities carry this large flag to lead their Embrace Life Day walk. Please post it in a prominent place for the remainder of the year in order to promote suicide prevention.

Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention Ribbons

ELC has ordered a number of wearable yellow and orange ribbons for those allied in the prevention of suicide. Request as many as you think you may distribute in your community. As we have a limited amount, these are available on a first come first serve basis.

Community Resource Cards and Pamphlets

Wallet sided resource cards have been developed for each community and distributed to community health centres. Pamphlets were developed with the Canadian Red Cross on issues of suicide prevention, addictions, anger management, teen dating violence, family violence, child abuse, and bullying. The pamphlets are available in all four languages and are also on the website.

“Break the Cycle of Abuse” Videos

This video series depicts three unhealthy relationship scenarios and three corresponding healthy relationship scenarios. The DVDs have been developed to be used by community based counselors and Government of Nunavut staff for education on partner abuse. The videos have also been incorporated into the RespectED training so that participants have tools that are made in Nunavut and are available in English, Inuktitut, and French.

Addictions Posters

Three posters were designed and developed to address alcohol abuse, cannabis abuse, and solvent abuse. They are also available on our website.

“Bully” Video and Accompanying Text (Alliance Films)

This film documents five children and families over the course of a school year. Offering insight into different facets of bullying, the stories include two families who have lost children to suicide and a mother awaiting the fate of her 14 year old daughter who has been incarcerated after bring a gun on her school bus. This is an excellent resource for educators, parents, and teenagers. It is available in English and French only.

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