Inuusiq Pimmariujuq (Life Matters)


Inuusiq Pimmariujuq is a two day workshop that aims to help community members develop a community action plan for suicide prevention. This workshop also acts as a community strategic planning tool to help identify the priorities within a community to prevent suicide. By combining suicide prevention strategies with post-contact Inuit history, including causes and results of historical and intergenerational trauma, participants will be armed with life-affirmation tools that will help them to prevent suicide within their community.

Who is this workshop geared towards?

This workshop is geared toward community leaders, stakeholders, educators, partners, and anyone that works on suicide prevention in the community. 

Training Process and Resources:

This interactive training involves direct instruction combined with small and large group discussions. Participants will receive handouts to supplement training and referenced resources providing additional detail on suicide prevention




English (interpretation is available)


Minimum of 10-20 participants



Training is provided by Isaksimagit Inuusirmi Katujjiqatigiit
Embrace Life Council certified trainers

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