Mindfulness is a half-day workshop designed to meet the needs of mental health practitioners, educators, and other helping professionals who want to incorporate mindfulness skills into their work. It provides specific tools that can be used personally or with clients and students to help them experience mindfulness and incorporate it into their daily lives. 

What is unique about this workshop?

Mindfulness is the practice of purposeful bringing one’s attention to the present moment without judgment or evaluation. Mindfulness is an ancient practice from Buddhism that has been scientifically proven to positively influence an individual’s physical and mental health, along with their ability to be in a better relationship with their work, community, and family. Due to this evidence, Mindfulness trainings have become very popular in the 21st century and are offered in many diverse settings. In this course, participants will learn what mindfulness is, how to incorporate mindfulness into their work. Participants will learn specific mindfulness techniques as well as hands-on practical strategies and activities. 

Training Process and Resources

This interactive training involves direct instruction combined with small and large group discussions. Participants will receive resources to supplement training.

Course length: Half Day
Languages: English (interpretation is available)
Participants: Minimum 10 participants
Cost: Free

Training is provided by Isaksimagit Inuusirmi Katujjiqatigiit
Embrace Life Council certified trainers

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Half-Day Workshop

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