Aippagiittiarniq Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide

Aippagiittiarniq means “ways of being in good partnership” in Inuktut; the objective of the Aippagiittiarniq discussion guide is to provide an opportunity for youth to discuss their understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships in a manner conducive to free expression of their ideas and feelings. While examples and descriptions of different kinds of abuse and other facets of unhealthy relationships are discussed, the ultimate focus of this campaign is to model healthy relationships.

In this resource guide, you will find information and activities to engage youth that may be adapted to the class sizes, grades, and time that you have available. We recommend that this discussion guide be used to supplement teaching to youth in grades 8 through 12, though it can be applied to older youth as well.

This guide is in print and can be delivered to you upon request along with a USB that holds all of the videos and printable content referenced within the guide.

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