Healing Support Group Facilitator Training

The Healing Support Group Facilitator Training is a two-day virtual training which aims to prepare participants with the knowledge and ability to facilitate an 8-week healing support group within their community. The training reviews why support groups are helpful and how they can positively impact a community as well as practical ways to develop your own group program using step-by-step guidelines. Participants also get a chance to spend the first day of training learning about grief and loss and reflecting on their own journey with grief through a multitude of reflection questions. After day 1 of the training, participants have more comfortability with grief and loss and a deeper understanding of their own grief as this is key when preparing to facilitate a group grief program. It is imperative that future facilitators take time to reflect on their own grief prior to hosting a grief group as that is key to being an authentic and compassionate facilitator in a group setting of this type. 

What is unique about this workshop?

Participants of the training felt that the training itself has been healing and that they discovered new things about themselves and their grief that they never considered previously and it has better prepared them to explore their own grief as well as support family and friends and people in a group setting.

Over the course of the two-day Healing Support Group Facilitator Training, we discuss and learn about:

Course length: 2 Days
Languages: English
Participants: Minimum 10 participants
Cost: Free

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